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Please help a sweet Brooklyn cat find her forever home!

After a month of trying our best to integrate our new cat into our household, we have determined that she really needs to be an only cat; she's good with people but just too territorial to share space with other critters. Therefore, we're trying to find her a new home that she can totally own. She's speutered and house-trained (no accidents), and can be really sweet when she's not trying to kill her purple mousie for the umpteenth time. She'll probably be a great lap cat in about five years.

If you know anyone in the NYC area who's looking to adopt a cat, doesn't have other pets or young children (toddlers or younger) and isn't planning to acquire any, and has the time and energy to keep up with a rambunctious one-year-old kitty who's still half a kitten and full of beans, please send them this link:

(Yes, the shelter insists on calling her Rose. Yes, this is a bit confusing.)

Thanks for the help! Please feel free to spread this far and wide.
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