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Brooklyn · USA

Hey guys, so I'm working on a thesis project for my final year in…

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Hey guys, so I'm working on a thesis project for my final year in school, and I decided to make it around food and peoples' experiences. If you have the time, please email me (at the bottom) anything about food (stories, experiences, etc.). Thanks so much. (:

What does food mean to you?

What does food mean to your family?

Or your culture?

Or your friends?

Do you think that is food is awesome, and you're constantly experimenting with it and looking forward the next dish you've never had?

Or is eating a constant battle, and you struggle to make yourself eat or avoid it so you don't get ridiculed?

Are you the type of person that could eat anything?

Or are you picky about what you eat?

What do you love about food?

What you hate about food?

Tell me your stories, anecdotes, opinions, poems, essays, rants, experiences, or anything about food.

Email to: foodisawesomeproject@gmail.com

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On June 26th, 2011 08:18 pm (UTC), caerfrli commented:
When we travel to other countries my family likes to visit grocery stores to see what other peoples eat. Similarly I like to order something a rarely or never have otherwise at restaurants.
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