Park Slope Local Fresh Food

Support Local Food and Farmers by having fresh local food delivered straight to a convenient Park Slope pickup location!

My partner Tess and I are young Farmers looking to build our community of support so we can increase access to local food in the NYC area.

we are looking for people who like to cook and eat local fresh food picked the same day you get it! this is an amazing opportunity to stay healthy and make an impact with your food dollars!

check out our site for more info

we hope to hear from you. your support means everything to young organic farmers!
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How is Brooklyn doing, post-Sandy?

I haven't lived there in Brooklyn for seven years, but I dearly love it still, and I'm wondering how my neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens and Park Slope are doing on the day after the floods from Sandy. I know it got pretty bad in Red Hook. If you have any photos to post here, I'd love to see them, along with any accounts of your experiences.
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Please help a sweet Brooklyn cat find her forever home!

After a month of trying our best to integrate our new cat into our household, we have determined that she really needs to be an only cat; she's good with people but just too territorial to share space with other critters. Therefore, we're trying to find her a new home that she can totally own. She's speutered and house-trained (no accidents), and can be really sweet when she's not trying to kill her purple mousie for the umpteenth time. She'll probably be a great lap cat in about five years.

If you know anyone in the NYC area who's looking to adopt a cat, doesn't have other pets or young children (toddlers or younger) and isn't planning to acquire any, and has the time and energy to keep up with a rambunctious one-year-old kitty who's still half a kitten and full of beans, please send them this link:

(Yes, the shelter insists on calling her Rose. Yes, this is a bit confusing.)

Thanks for the help! Please feel free to spread this far and wide.
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Hey guys, so I'm working on a thesis project for my final year in school, and I decided to make it around food and peoples' experiences. If you have the time, please email me (at the bottom) anything about food (stories, experiences, etc.). Thanks so much. (:

What does food mean to you?

What does food mean to your family?

Or your culture?

Or your friends?

Do you think that is food is awesome, and you're constantly experimenting with it and looking forward the next dish you've never had?

Or is eating a constant battle, and you struggle to make yourself eat or avoid it so you don't get ridiculed?

Are you the type of person that could eat anything?

Or are you picky about what you eat?

What do you love about food?

What you hate about food?

Tell me your stories, anecdotes, opinions, poems, essays, rants, experiences, or anything about food.

Email to:

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Need a Roommate....

I'm still looking for a roommate, I have a partially furnished room available in Midwood that's perfect for a College Student at Brooklyn College, or KBCC, or even someone who travels to downtown manhatten often (30-45 minute Q Train ride).

I'm a very laid back roommate. There's only one catch, is that the roommate must be able to pass for a cousin.
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Looking for New Roommate, ASAP, Room Avail Feb 1

My roommate is moving out on the 1st. I've been trolling craigslist all month with no luck and forgot to post here..

To sum things up $700+ Utilities each month. Cable/Internet comes out to 90$, Electric is 50% and Gas is usually around 15$. Pets are ok. This is a perfect spot for a College student in Brooklyn College or KBCC. 45 Min Train ride from midtown.

If you've got questions or want to come see the place please contact me asap to arrange something.

The room is very spacious and you get all the privacy you'd want.
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